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Become an Associate Partner and Start Earning with MasterMind

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Associate Partner

An Associate Partner is a type of intermediary or agent who introduces clients to us. However, the Partner does not directly handle our client funds or execute trades on behalf of our clients. Instead, they refer clients and receive compensation, usually in the form of a commission or a portion of the spread generated from the trades made by the clients they referred.

The role of an Associate Partner can vary depending on our agreement. Some Partners may provide additional services such as customer support, educational resources, or trading signals to their referred clients, while others may simply act as a referral agent. At MasterMind, we offer various reasons for you to choose our services, including benefits to both yourself and your clients.


Customer Support 

High Security

Real-time Data

Lower Commissions

Competitive Spreads

Why MasterMind?

Why Partner with MasterMind?

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